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2016-01-12 11.40.48 1.jpg2016-01-12 07.13.41 1.jpg2016-01-12 07.07.48 1.jpg2016-01-12 11.39.27 1.jpg2016-02-13 05.31.38 1.jpg2016-02-13 05.40.14 1.jpg2016-01-12 11.40.47 1.jpg2016-02-13 05.40.12 1.jpg2016-02-13 05.53.16 1.jpg2016-02-13 05.40.13 1.jpg2016-02-13 05.40.15 2.jpgWho doesn’t know Coffee? I love to play my Instagram so much, sometimes a lot of people that include in they Bio for Instagram as Traveler, Model, Food Enthusiast, Blogger and also “Coffee Enthusiast”.

Menghabiskan waktu sambil minum coffee sudah jadi trend banget,gue sendiri bisa ngabisin waktu berjam-jam kalo hangout bareng temen di coffee shop. Kalo dibilang quality time mungkin ga tepat juga yaaa soalnya masing-masing pasti sibuk banget ama gadget sendiri.

I’m gonna tell you a secret for make your coffee more special. First! get ready for your camera, looking for a great angle on your coffee. Second! sure,its not enough if you only took one shot,so get a multi shot for a perfect result. and the last one give a little bit Afterlight,Snapseed or your VSCO CAM. That is my favorite tools,i love VSCO CAM so much. after that klik for share on your social media.

Where The Coffee Shop

Say Something Coffee

Ruko Grand Aries Niaga

Blok G1 no. 20 Meruya – Jakarta Barat

How To Get To Coffee Shop

Find easily on Google Maps or Waze

other option open your Zomato and ride by Uber

Cuisines and Cost

Cafe, Coffee and Tea

IDR 100000 for two person



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